animation / simulation

During animation all parameters along the time axis get recorded. With the classic key animation position, alignment, scaling or other parameters of the respective objects are defined key by key. To create the desired animation curves, different methods of interpolation are available. This allows to adjust the acceleration values before and after a key and therefore the creation of hard and soft transitions. The classic animation is supplemented by the definition of conditions, e.g. the alignment of objects to others or the positioning of objects along paths or on surfaces. If the activation of animation sequences is dependent on user inputs or other events, the required dependencies can be programmed accordingly. The playback of the animation sequences can then take place at any time and is not bound to a fixed position in the time axis anymore. For the physical simulation of forces in real time, such as gravity, the classic animation is not required. The position of the objects is calculated automatically dependent on predefined simulation values such as weight, friction, etc.

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